1950s’ kitsch!

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A few of my favourite things!

When it comes to collecting vintage treasures I have very eclectic tastes. I love china, glass and textiles from different eras whether it be 1920s art deco, 1950s kitsch or 1970s retro. I think part of the appeal is the fact that the objects come with a history. They have been worn/ used/ looked at and hopefully loved by someone else. Maybe a suffragette… a hippy… a home maker… Which brings me to the question of choosing a favourite era. Well that probably depends on my mood/ the time of day, but if I had to pick an era at the moment it would be the 1950s. And being a busy mum of four I have to admit that I am likely to have idealised the image of the 50s housewife. I picture myself standing in my English Rose kitchen with my hair perfectly styled, wearing a beautiful figure enhancing dress, with my kitchen aid whisking up delicious baked goods for my angelic children.. Come to think of it I think I may have watched too many episodes of Bewitched in my childhood. I only wish I could wiggle my nose prettily to make magic happen!

So when I was asked to make a table runner with the guideline of ‘1950s kitsch’ I knew this was a project I would love! I had the perfect piece of fabric in mind – a genuine 1950s fabric remnant I had bought from a lovely vintage shop in Brick Lane, (find more info about it here-the shop ). The fabric is pink gingham with bunches of blue flowers laid over it. And I managed to find some very kitsch vintage lace to edge it and some blue gingham to complement it:

50s fabric


And below is a picture of the finished table runner in it’s new home!

Ruth's runner edit

Ruth'srunner2 edit

A few weeks later a very happy new owner asked me to make some matching napkins. As I had used all of the 50s fabric we decided that blue and pink gingham would work well. I also managed to source some 1950s plastic napkin rings that fitted in with the theme perfectly.


1950s plastic napkin rings
1950s plastic napkin rings


And then I had to have a little play with presentation before I packaged them off to be sent to join the table runner:


And finally a little photo of some detail- look mitered corners! (a newly learnt skill!)

Mitered corners!
Mitered corners!


So a little question for you before I must go (there is a 2 year old pulling on my jean leg- oh how I wish it was a stylish fifties skirt..) If you had to choose a favourite era, which would it be?

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  1. Bev

    For me it has to be the 70s – disco, afros and prawn cocktails! Even my house was built in 1972. I just wish I could decorate it in those gorgeous retro greens, oranges and browns!

    • admin

      True, you can’t beat a bit of john travolta night fever – and as for decorating the house 70s stylee sure I could help you with that! 😉

  2. Afra

    I’m with you with the 50’s but I also dream about baking in my gingham skirt while the children (wearing flannel shorts or pinafore dressed of course) play hula hoops and hopscotch…Hmm. Not really resembling my actual life which is more jeans and Super Mario.

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