A Monday morning treat!

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The last few weeks have been super busy and I have found it very difficult to squeeze in any time for me, so this morning when I found myself with an unexpected spare ten minutes before crochet group (thanks to hubby taking the children to school) I decided to treat myself to a wander round the garden. I inherited this pleasure in wandering the garden from my grandparents. I have fond memories of going to visit them and being given a tour of their garden, with my Nan and Grandad pointing out all of the changes that had taken place since the last time I visited. When I moved into my first house my Nan gave me some of her plants (she called them hardy geraniums but I’m not sure of their proper name) and they have come with me every time I moved (four house moves so far!) I love seeing them in the borders, they always make me remember my grandparents and smile.

My garden isn’t very big and it mainly serves as a play area for the children but I do love gardening so there are some pretty little pots dotted around for me. I took some photos this morning so that you can join me on my tour…


This little doggy used to live in my other Grandad’s garden along with some gnomes. When I was a child I loved looking for them, so when he passed away one of the things I asked to keep was the dog- that and a large tin of buttons that we used to play pontoon with and which now features in my crochet lessons!



DSC_1551More prettiness!



We bought this apple tree for my eldest son on his first birthday and had to transfer it from our Southend garden when we moved. Amazingly it survived and always looks beautiful at the bottom of the garden when it’s blossoming. The plant on the bottom left of the picture is one of the ones from my Nan’s garden and will soon be covered in lovely little pink flowers.

Writing this has made me realise how sentimental I am about my garden, funny how plants can be so much associated with memories…

Back in the here and now, there has been a distinct lack of flowers in my house recently so today I collected some little flowers while I went: forget me nots, violas and aubrieta and arranged them in a sweet glass vase that I’d picked up from a charity shop a while ago. It made a gorgeous addition to our crochet table later that morning and smelt divine too!

Any other gardening enthusiasts (or wanderers) out there? Here’s hoping the sunny weather continues so that we can all wander our gardens a bit more often!!



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