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As you may have noticed, friday treats and blog writing have been seriously neglected recently! It’s been a busy month of birthdays, work and DIY.  But this week has been especially long and eventful so it seemed like the perfect time to share a friday treat with you.

I have been busy preparing for a big craft fair on Sunday at St Albans Street Festival. As usual I had grand plans about making plenty of gorgeous items before the day but have run out of time and ended up sewing frantically late at night. This is what my living room table looks like at the moment-


The children are busy at school with summer term events such as sports day and class transition activities. Biggest boy starts secondary school in September which we are all very nervous about. Luckily the school has a fantastic transition programme for children with additional needs so we are feeling supported but inevitably anxious. Our littlest girl is also due to start Reception in September so it’s big changes all round.

Over the last couple of weeks we have spent our evenings and weekends painting in anticipation of the arrival of new carpet for the stairs, landing and boys bedroom. I have been desperate for this since we moved in (nearly 5 years ago) but we have been saving the pennies and energy to get it done. On Monday the carpet shop rang me to ask if they could fit it the following day, which being an impatient person, I eagerly agreed to. However I had conveniently forgotten that we needed to take apart all of the boys’ furniture to make way for the fitters! My crochet group were very polite and understanding that evening about my husband hammering around upstairs taking apart bunk beds and wardrobes. Here’s a little sneaky look at the final result…


So furniture moving, sewing, transition, late nights, painting and then last night poor littlest girl came down with a sickness bug and was up all night. Hubby and I took it in turns getting up to her, filling the washing machine and at 4 in the morning had a very concerned conversation about how we were going to preserve the new carpet if the other children get ill (priorities!) This morning a bleary eyed me went to watch my little boys sports day, leaving poorly girl (now fast asleep) with hubby. And afterwards went into town to my favourite market stall to treat myself to a beautiful bunch of peonies. They look gorgeous in my Mothers’ Day vase on the little crochet doily that I made with my crochet group on Monday. I also squeezed in a coffee with a very lovely friend.

In celebration of my return to the world of Friday treats I thought I’d share the pattern for the doily with you.. I hope you enjoy it!

Sam x

PS In other wonderful news this week we welcomed a new nephew to the world 🙂 but that’s all I can say about that for now…



Doily coaster


You will need

Aran or dk cotton

5mm or 4 mm hook as appropriate to yarn weight

Ch 4, join with slip stitch to first chain to make a ring

Round 1               Ch 3, 11 tr into ring, join with sl st to third of 3 chain (12 tr)

Round 2               Ch 3, tr into same place as join, 2 tr into each stitch around, sl st to third of 3 chain (24 tr)

Round 3               Ch 3, tr into same place as join,* 1 tr in next stitch, 2tr in next stitch** repeat from * to **to end of round, sl st to third of 3 chain (36)

Round 4               Ch 3, tr into same place as join, 1tr into each of next 2 stitches *2 tr into next stitch, 1 tr into next 2 stitches ** repeat from * to ** to end of round sl st to third of 3 chain (48)

For the purpose of the pattern stop increasing at round 4 and add shell edging, however information in italics below shows you how to continue increasing if you would like a bigger circle

To continue to increase – add 12 stitches to each round by increasing the number of single trebles between the increase stitch (2 tr) by 1 each round. So…

Round 5               Ch 3, tr into join, 1 tr into each of next 3 stitches *2 tr into next stitch, 1 tr into next 3 stitches**, repeat from* to ** to end of round (60)

Round 6               Ch 3 tr into join, 1 tr into each of next 4 stitches, * 2tr into next stitch  1 tr into next 4 stitches** repeat

Round 7               Ch 3 tr into join, 1 tr into each of next 5 stitches, *2tr into next stitch, 1 tr into next 5 stitches** repeat. Etc…

Now make the shell edging

Skip first tr from previous round, make 6 tr into next tr, skip one treble from previous round and slip stitch into next *skip one tr, make 6 tr into next tr, skip one tr and sl st into next**, repeat from * to ** all the way around

If circle starts to ripple use less increases on the rounds.


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