Be granny chic in a cardie shawl!

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As a big vintage fan (no, really? I hear you cry!) I have heard lots of terms to describe my treasured possessions – ‘vintage’, ‘retro’, ‘timeless’, ‘classic’, ‘old fashioned’…. Although my husband and mum have been know to use some other less complimentary terms, and recently at a car boot sale the husband of a seller I bought from couldn’t believe his luck that I wanted to buy ‘that nasty old thing’ (a beautiful vintage suitcase which I now use for display on my stall).  But my favourite term to date is ‘granny chic’. There is a fabulous book that introduced me to this expression by Tif Fusell and Rachelle Blondel. If you want to find out more here’s a link   ‘Granny chic’ .

I think ‘granny chic’ perfectly describes not only the era of my treasures but also why I like them- because they remind me of my nan/ great aunt/ hubbie’s grandma. Vintage objects come with a history and a story. When people stop at my stall to browse they are often reminded of a relative or an event in the past. Last weekend a lady stopped to look at my snap clasp purses and picked up a navy one with crochet cherries sewn on. She was delighted to be reminded her of a favourite dress that she wore as a child which was navy blue with cherries decorating the hem.  Another lady found a jug and sugar bowl in the same Sadler design that her mother had collected. And another customer fell in love with the bunting that I had made from children’s hankies because she had the same hankies as a child. I just love hearing these stories.



But of all the things that I make, I think that the one that really epitomises granny chic is this cardie shawl. I call it that for two reasons 1) it is a shawl shape but I have sewn it together to make arm holes so that is has loose sleeves, therefore can be worn like a cardie and 2)  I can’t think of a better name at the moment. It is crocheted using chunky wool, a large hook and some wool mix yarn (I get most of my yarn from charity shops but if I do buy new try to buy yarn with a high natural wool content). It is so cosy and comfy to wear and I think it looks fab with jeans or a dress. I have worn mine a lot! If you would like to commission me to make one for you you can contact me at or though my facebook page. They are £45.

Oh and if you can think of a better name for it do let me know- any ideas gratefully received!!


me wearing my shawl
Feeling cosy but granny chic!


A happy customer modelling her new shawl!
A happy customer modelling her new shawl!





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