(Beat the) Winter Blues Blanket Crochet Along – Introduction

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Welcome to my new crochet along – the (beat the) winter blues blanket!!

I find that January and February can be quite dreary and depressing months so I thought that it would be a really fun idea to brighten up these weeks with a crochet along that brings us all together, gives us something to look forward to and perhaps even helps us to appreciate the beauty of winter!!

A blanket is the perfect project for the winter months- you can tuck up cosily under it while you work and there are lots of long, dark evenings to fill. I thought perhaps it would be fitting to share some box set recommendations as we go because for me crochet is the perfect accompaniment to a sky, netflix or amazon box set. I think there are some fab new tv series coming out on terrestial tv too!! So feel free to comment here, or on the facebook group with your recommendations!

I will be writing the blanket pattern as we go along so I won’t be sharing photos of a finished blanket but will give you weekly updates instead! With other crochet alongs I’ve found that people have really enjoyed the suprise element and everybody has always been pleased with the results! Here’s some pics from the spring blanket and summer mandala CALs last year:

And just a few of the photos I was sent of the recently finished christmas wreath cal which over 50 of you took part in!!

As usual you can choose your own colours or join in with my own colour choices. I have taken my influence from beautiful winter photography and love the combinations of white, grey, blue and pink. I have even added a bit of sparkle with my yarn choices this time, in the hope that we might get some frost or even snow over the next few weeks.

So here’s my yarn choices:

Working down in two rows top to bottom starting on the left I have chosen: Stylecraft special DK in silver, storm blue, duck egg, parma violet, soft peach, white, graphite, grape, pale rose, King Cole Glitz DK in white, silver and marzipan

1 ball of everything except the stylecraft white which I have ordered 3 balls of.

As usual I had a little play about with small balls of yarn to see how the colour combination would work:

Ok so onto the details!!

You will need approx 14 x 100g balls of DK yarn, you can use my colour combo above or it would make a fab stashbuster. You will also need a 4mm hook.

The blanket will be a square shape, just like the spring cal last year, but I am intending to make this a more cosy blanket, so will be using a lot more textural stitches than we did with the spring blanket.

The pattern will be released in ten parts with the first part of the pattern being released on Friday 10th January at 8am. It will consist of a blog post with lots of photos and videos and there will be a link to a PDF at the bottom of the post so that you can print it out if you like. I’m also going to bring back the lives with this CAL so I will be going live on facebook at 7pm every Friday evening to talk about that week’s pattern! Please do join me!!

And don’t forget to join the facebook crochet along group too!!

Most importantly you can join the crochet along here: sign me up!

And the only thing left to do is to give you my first boxset recommendation which is The Crown on Netflix!! I resisted watching this until a couple of months ago because I wasn’t that interested in the royal family. But as soon as I started watching it I was completely hooked- I loved every episode!! And I found myself googling the events afterwards, so I learnt a lot of history too!!

Looking forward to next week’s launch!!

Sam xx

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