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Well it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but I’ve been desperate to get back to it! I have composed many a blog in my head over the last few months but somehow just haven’t managed to get time to write it down. To be honest one of the main obstacles has been getting logged in to my wordpress account, not because I’ve had problems with it, more because of the physical act of powering up the computer, finding the scribbled down website address and password, trying to remember which buttons to press… but here I am, I did it!

So today I’m just saying hello, I’m still here….

This September we reached a big milestone in our household- my youngest started school. It was a long awaited and much celebrated moment. I wish I could say that I miss having a preschooler around the house during the day but the truth is, I love having the house to myself. The peace and quiet feels wonderful, I can put something down and come back later to find it still where I left it, and I can spend even more time on my lovely business.

My lovely babies have now all started school :)
My lovely babies have now all started school 🙂

I love my children and I enjoy being a mummy but having all of the children at school means that I can enjoy being me too. And being me has become very much about Re-made by Sam. My business has developed so much over the last few years. Starting with a few Christmas fairs, then building up the commissions and online orders and now teaching crochet and sharing my enthusiasm for all things crafty through workshops, courses and clubs.

Sharing the crochet love at a local event recently..

I feel incredibly lucky and also very grateful to you: the people who take the time to look at my facebook page, read my blogs and share my posts. So today I’m also saying a big thank you to you all for your support and asking you to please stick with me over the upcoming months. The wonderful Bev at Peace of Mind PA Services has been working on my website for me, I have taken on a lovely assistant, Claire, to help me with my workshops and stalls and I have lots more exciting makes, events and workshops planned!


Me and Claire- sharing a love of crafts, crochet and florals- the perfect team!
Me and Claire- sharing a love of crafts, crochet and florals- the perfect team!

I would love your feedback to help me to plan these next few months- what would you like to see from Re-made by Sam – shared crochet patterns? New makes? More workshops? Some members of my crochet club have jokingly been asking for a crochet sound track which if I can get my head round spotify is something that I’ve been giving some serious thought to!

Very much looking forward to sharing more blogs and updates with you..

Sam x

See my classes page for information about wreath making workshops…

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