Butterfly Crochet Pattern

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This month I’ve been teaching three consecutive beginners crochet classes. It’s been brilliant fun spreading the crochet word and seeing people come to love it as much as I do. I’ve met some lovely ladies (gentlemen you are most welcome to join a class…) and am delighted that all of them have signed up for future classes. Several of the ladies were keen to have a go at making a butterfly so I’ve written this pattern for them. I’ve tried to make it as easy to follow as possible so that people who are new to crochet can have a go. Enjoy!

Step one: choose your yarn and matching hook size! I chose to use Stylecraft Classique cotton yarn which is DK weight and therefore I used a 4mm hook, you could also experiment with a 3mm hook for a tighter finish. With a 4mm hook and DK weight yarn the finished butterfly is approx 12cm wide. For a smaller butterfly try 4 ply yarn or for a larger butterfly you can try aran or even chunky!!

My fruit bowl of stylecraft classique cotton..
My fruit bowl of stylecraft classique cotton..


NB This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

To make a ring:
Chain 10
Make a slip stitch in first chain to make a ring (Put hook through the first chain you made and pull yarn back though that chain and through the loop on your hook).


Round One
chain 3 then make 2 trebles into the ring, *chain 2, make 3 trebles in the ring**, repeat from * to ** 6 more times (so that you have 8 groups of 3 trebles with 2 chains in between each), chain 2 and slip stitch to the third of the initial 3 chain to complete the round, fasten off.


Round Two
Change colour by joining in any 2 chain space from round one (hold new colour behind work, pull a loop through the space with your hook then make one chain to secure)
Make 3 trebles in the same 2 chain space, chain 2, make three more trebles in the same space, skip to next 2 chain space and in this space make *3 trebles, chain two, 3 trebles**, repeat from * to ** in every 2 chain space around, join with a slip stitch to first treble, fasten off.




Round Three
Change colour by joining in any 2 chain space from round two (hold new colour behind work, pull a loop through the space with your hook then make on chain to secure)
Make 6 trebles in same space, chain 2, then make 6 trebles in the same space as the first 6, *slip stitch in the space between the two sets of three trebles from round two, in the next 2 chain space make 6 trebles chain 2, 6 trebles** repeat from * to ** all the way around, slip stitch in the final space then slip stitch in the first treble that you made in this round. Fasten off.

6 trebles 3 chain 6 trebles
6 trebles 3 chain 6 trebles


slip stitch in this space
slip stitch in this space


Third round completed!
Third round completed!


Weave in ends
Fold in half- you now have your butterfly shape!!


Chain 20 to make the body of the butterfly, snipping the ends off near to the knots, wrap it around the butterfly wings and tie a knot at the top to form the two antennae. Secure with a stitch or two.


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  1. anna mae

    wow! does that look easy. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will tonight.

  2. Brittany

    This looks super easy! I love butterflies and this gives me so many ideas to decorate my room! Thank you!

  3. Brittany

    Thank you for this pattern! I love Butterflies so much! I’m gonna use this pattern for lots of ideas for decorations in my room!

  4. Margaret

    Just made this and as a beginner I am delighted with the result. Easy to follow instructions. My granddaughter will love it!

  5. Sofia

    Super cute and looks easy! I wonder if one could make a dragonfly the same way ? I’ll have to try..

  6. Joan

    Crocheted blankets for great grand children and made these butterflies and decorated them with these they loved them

    • sam

      Hi Nadia, you should be able to print it from the website – this is something I’ve done myself in the past and it reads quite nicely.

  7. Diane

    I knit and crochet many hats etc. all year round, to go into Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Usually I put flowers on them but think Butterflies will look fabulous too. Thankyou for this delightful pattern.

  8. Veronica

    These look great I will try them. I would love to give them to my friends. Thank you

  9. Celeste

    Sam, I crocheted this and folded it over and chained 20 but do not understand how to finish it. I am having a real Duh moment.

    • sam

      Hi Celeste, the chain is to wrap round the centre of the butterfly- acting as it’s body and securing it at the same time xx

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you fir the pattern. I worj in a nursing home and hope to make one of my residents happy y

  11. Claudia May

    I am going to try in now! Thanks for such a wonderful pattern! Smiles & Hugs from Venetia, Pa

  12. Joy

    This is the most beautiful butterfly, out of the many I’ve looked at! Plus, I’m a beginner and I think I can probably do it. I just got my first hooks 2 days ago and have been working on basic stitches.
    Do you have any suggestions for crochet with cotton yarn? I really prefer the texture compared to the acrylic kind that most people seem to be using. But it seems so hard to get the stitches right, as they don’t stretch much or slide easily on the hook, and it takes me forever! I have Sugar ‘n Cream worsted, and tried 4mm plastic hook. Thanks for this tutorial!!

    • sam

      Hi Joy, thanks so much for your comment! I like stylecraft classique cotton dk or drops muskat dk, sugar n cream is also lovely!! xx

  13. Joy

    Also just fyi, I think maybe you have a typo in round 3:
    “Make 6 trebles in same space, chain 3, …”
    [[should it be *2*, as it is for the remaining instructions ?? ]
    “… in the next 2 chain space make 6 trebles chain 2, 6 trebles** repeat… “

  14. Dana van Heerden

    These stunning butterflies make the most beautiful hair clips for girls who don’t always like flowers!!! I do them in cotton yarn and they look lovely. Thanks Dana

  15. Stephanie

    Thank you for this terrific pattern, it was just what I needed to make some small gifts. So pretty.


  16. Ana

    Hello, this is a really lovely pattern and makes for absolutely gorgeous decorations! I was just wondering if it’s okay for me to sell the things I make from this pattern? I would of course credit you and the pattern. If it’s not okay that’s absolutely fine. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  17. Ashley

    These are great! I just made two in orange and black so I can add monarchs to a scarf.

  18. Debra Kirk

    I love this pattern, but I actually cheated a little, I only made four of the last set of stitches instead of going around all eight. When it is folded in half it doesn’t show.

  19. Angela

    Thank you! Easy to follow and lovely results! I’m making them for a craftivist project – I hope it’s ok that I’m using your pattern.
    Once again, Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Lynn Mullen

    Hi Sam! I just found your tutorial on Pinterest and have made the cutest, sweetest butterfly with your directions. The pictures helped immensely. I am across the pond from you so used the American โ€œdouble crochetโ€ for your โ€œtrebles.โ€๐Ÿ˜ Thx so much! Lynn

  21. Nan Hodgson

    Wonderful, I have found a pattern much easier to follow than the one i previously tried. thank you.
    Going to put a few on my sun hat.

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