Fun Crochet Skirt

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  This is a super easy and very adjustable pattern for a child’s crochet skirt. You can really have fun with it! I have written it so that it can be made to fit the individual child but have also … Continued

Crochet Socks for tiny tears…

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On Sunday I came downstairs to find my two daughters (aged 10 and 6) playing beautifully with their dollies, it was one of those magical moments when you remember what it was like to be a child. The dollies (twin … Continued

Beer Bottle Crochet Bunting

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Beer Bottle Bunting You will need: Aran weight cotton in green, blue and white 4mm hook Embroidery thread You can make these using any colours you like to represent different bottles. I have given you instructions below to make the … Continued

Butterfly Crochet Pattern

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This month I’ve been teaching three consecutive beginners crochet classes. It’s been brilliant fun spreading the crochet word and seeing people come to love it as much as I do. I’ve met some lovely ladies (gentlemen you are most welcome … Continued

Crochet Easter Basket

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  We love an Easter egg hunt in our house: as soon as Christmas is over the children start the countdown to the visit from the Easter bunny. It’s a tradition that began for me as a child, when apparently I … Continued

Up & Down Crochet Stitch – Square 3

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Once again, many thanks to everyone who is joining in the sampler blanket fun! I’ve been really enjoying learning some new stitches. It’s quite therapeutic spending some time working back and forth in rows and browsing through crochet books for inspiration. This … Continued

Snuggly Crochet Wrap Scarf

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  Before Christmas I published a hat pattern with a picture of a matching crochet wrap round scarf and promised that the pattern for the wrap scarf would follow. I had some lovely feedback about the hat pattern and heard … Continued