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IMG_3697This week has been especially busy for me- I’ve got my first fair of the season tomorrow and every spare second has been devoted to preparation for it. What with teaching crochet, an order book full of commissions and etsy sales beginning to build up, I’m finding it difficult to make time to, well, make! Or in my case re-make! Multitasking is key which basically means tackling a long list of jobs with my littlest girl in tow. This morning after I’d picked her up from nursery we popped to the market to get plants then the ironmongers to get spray starch (the crochet lovers secret weapon) and finally to the supermarket. I was feeling a bit glum about another week passing without the opportunity for a friday treat, but then it occurred to me that I could treat myself- to my favourite dinner!

As a vegetarian who is on a diet dinners can be a bit dull, but I recently discovered Jamie Oliver’s recipe for ricotta and lemon stuffed mushrooms and it has become my new favourite. It’s especially yummy with rocket salad and, of course, a large glass of wine! You can find the recipe here. And being me I decided that the ingredients would make a rather lovely photo!

I’d better get back to work now- this afternoon’s multitasking includes: planting vintage planters, labeling candles, stringing drawstring bags, watching same smile (especially the ‘I like to splash’ episode which just makes me feel guilty that my little girl doesn’t get to go swimming often enough!), picking up children from school and a double swimming lesson. That dinner will be much looked forward to!!


Hope you manage to squeeze in a treat today!

Oh and if you’d like to come along to the fair tomorrow it’s at Berkhamsted Court House 10am-4pm, you can find more info on the Hello Vintage Berkhamsted facebook page. Might see you there!

Sam x


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