Fifteen minutes of fame!

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This month Re-made by Sam appears in not one but two magazines!! I am of course super excited about this and thought I’d share a little peek at the pictures with you! I hope you won’t mind indulging my great big show off alter ego for a few minutes…

The first magazine is Style at Home and this actually features several pages about me and my home. Last autumn I was approached by a lovely journalist who had admired my vintage makes and asked if she could come and look at my house. She took some snapshots while she was here and sent them off to Style at Home who then commissioned her to write an article. So two photographers and the lovely journalist spent a day at my house styling and photographing it. It was such a wonderful day- my house was spotless and beautiful for a whole few hours! This was a major boost to my confidence about my home as I can feel quite self conscious about its bursting at the seams, family friendly appearance (apparently it’s ‘homely’!) Unfortunately taking photos of me was part of the deal, much to my embarrassment. Can you see just how embarrassed I am in this pic?!

Yep, still not photogenic...
Yep, still not photogenic…

It’s quite strange to think that people who I don’t know have seen inside my home, but I have had some lovely messages from people who feel inspired by my craft area (and the fact that it’s squeezed into our bedroom!)

There’s a few pages in Style at Home, here’s another… (still looking self conscious…)


Today Making magazine’s May edition was released and this time it is one of my makes that pops up! A couple of months ago I shared this pic on Making magazine’s facebook craft group Making Chatter and a very nice lady from Making asked me if she could put it in the next edition. So my little Spring teacosy that I made for my crochet group is now a famous teacosy!!


And that’s it- my fifteen minutes of fame are now up and I shall slink off into the background for a while.

Hope you like the article if you’ve read it! (and if not I may have one or five spare copies lying around..)

Sam x

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  1. Mad Mand

    I saw your home in the Style at Home magazine and found your blog from it. I love the way your 1960s house has been transformed with different styles, colours and textures. It’s great how you’ve got different furniture from different eras but they all work together. I have some of my grandparents furniture, including a 1950s dining table, but it’s in a scratched state and I’m scared to strip it down to bare wood. What would you do with it?

    • sam

      Hello! It depend what kind of finish you’d like. I’m presuming it’s a varnished wood finish rather than formica? If so you can get it restored to its previous state either by sanding and waxing/ varnishing yourself or using a professional furniture restorer. Or if you want a more rustic look (and easier technique) you can use chalk paint which is easy to apply and goes straight onto any surface. It’s quite thick so can be good for covering scratches and is easy to apply, I find it’s best to water the paint down a bit. Hope that helps, I’d love to hear how you get on!

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