Garden gnomes.. love them or hate them?! (crochet gnome pattern in the making..)

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Morning all!  Today’s is a quick blog post to ask your opinion. It really is a simple question that’s on my mind.. garden gnomes, do you love them or hate them?!

I have always had a soft spot for a garden gnome, perhaps inspired by my Nana and Grandad having a small (and really quite tasteful) collection. One of them now sits on my outside dresser (yes that is a thing, I promise) here’s a little pic of him:

Re-made by Sam upcycled garden dresser

Can you see him? On the bottom shelf, next to the poodle (also from my Nana and Grandad’s garden!) He’s a bit battered now but I still love him.

I even have a pinterest board devoted to gnomes 

Re-made by Sam gnome pinterest board

So I was beyond delighted when Cath Kidston brought out a gnome print. They released it on a bag first and I made my mind up straight away that if it was ever to be printed on a dress I would have to have one. My friend even messaged CK on my behalf to find out whether they intended to do so!Which of course they did and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful gnome dress:

Sam of Re-made by Sam

You can just see the gnomes in this pic peeking out. I think I have another pic too, hang on…

Re-made by Sam

Anyway, it seems only right that I should have a go at making myself a crochet gnome and (maybe unsurprisingly) I wasn’t able to find an existing pattern so I decided to write one myself. Here he is:

crochet gnome by Re-made by Sam

As a fan of garden gnomes I think he’s absolutely gorgeous and he has taken pride of place on my shelf. But this brings me to my question… what are your thoughts about garden gnomes? I will definitely be writing the pattern up, if only for myself, but I’m wondering whether to make some to sell at the Aldbury May Fair next month, I think they would make fab door stops. However I have a slight suspicion that I may be in the minority when it comes to admiring gnomes..

I would love to hear your thoughts- gnomes… for or against?!

Sam x


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  1. Chelsey-May Hickey

    I really love your gnome, but I can’t find a pattern (or one similar) floating around anywhere. Would you mind sharing the pattern?

    • sam

      Hi Chelsey, I’m so sorry but I haven’t got round to writing the gnome pattern up yet- I’ll let you know as soon as I do!!

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