Granny Square Edging

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With it being half term this week, I am having a break from teaching crochet. I planned it this way when timetabling the lessons as I know that things can be chaotic during half term for parents and teachers (which some of my students are). But I’m finding that I’m really missing it! So I thought I’d spend some time writing out a little pattern for you and them to try.

One of my crochet groups has been learning granny squares and I know some of them have really got the bug! One of the ladies has been making single squares to use as doilies/ coasters on a beautiful bureau that she has been renovating. So I thought I’d design a little pattern for adding a pretty edging to finish off single granny squares. It could also look really lovely if used around a group of squares, for example on a table mat, blanket or scarf!

Here goes-

Round 1 (of edging)

Start by joining a new colour in any 3 chain corner space. Make 1 ch, then make 3 dc in the 3 chain space (for people who are new to crochet note that we are now using double crochet stitch, not the trebles we have been using for the square). Make 1 dc into the top of each treble from the previous round, and 1 dc into the 1 chain spaces.ย  Here’s a picture to help.


When you get to a 3 chain corner space remember to make 3 dc. When you get have completed the round join with a slip stitch to the initial chain 1.

Round 2 (of edging)

Now make 2 chains, skip one dc from the previous round and dc into the next stitch. Continue to make 2 ch, skip one dc and dc into the next stitch all the way around. Like this…


Join with a slip stitch in the same place as you finished the last round. This makes a slightly frilly, ruffled looking edge and I think it’s a pretty way to finish a granny square.

I tried mine out as a coaster and look how lovely it is!


Don’t you love this cup and saucer by the way? It’s ‘chatsworth’ pattern by New Chelsea Staffs and I’m hoping to collect lots more.

Have fun trying this edging, I’d love to see some pictures of your finished work!!

Sam x


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