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I’m so excited to announce the launch of my very first crochet-a-long!! Inspired by my love of Spring, and particularly my enjoyment of spring flowers, I’m hoping that this will be a fun and sociable project that we can all work on together!

Hi all, a little pic of me for those that haven’t met me in person ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring is my favourite season, it brings such hope and happiness after a long and dreary winter. It makes me look to the future and brings cheer and warmth. I would love for the crochet-a-long to reflect all of this so that as well as being a fun project I hope that it will bring you some joy too.

This blanket will tell the story of Spring, from the first signs of fresh new greenery, to the early snowdrops peeking through, the sunny splashes of yellow daffodils brightening up green borders, then the pinks and purples of tulips. Maybe the blues of forget me nots, bluebells and aliums too.

I have planned my colour choices to reflect the colours of Spring and have listed the colours I will be using below, but you can also use this as a stash buster. You will need approximately 1500g DK yarn in any colours that you like. This will be a work in progress for me as well so please do be prepared to be flexible with the quantity of yarn required!

Please note that the photographs are of my design ideas and not the blanket made with my final colour choices- those photos will follow on social media soon!!

It’s always difficult to picture what a yarn colour will be like when it’s crocheted and some colours can look quite alarming as a 100g ball but very different when put together with other colours! I like to roll off mini balls and put them side by side to see how they will work together. Here’s my choice of Spring colours for the blanket arranged randomly

And in rows….

Working from right to left, top to bottom I have chosen to use Stylecraft Special DK in:

spring green (1316), lincoln (1834), kelly green (1826)

lemon (1020), sunshine (1114), citron (1236)

white (1001), aster (1003), bluebell (1082)

clematis (1390), wisteria (1432), violet (1277)

fondant (1241), raspberry (1023), boysenberry (1828)

I’ve decided to start with 100g of each but may have to order more as we go along.

The blanket will be worked in a square using a variety of stitches so will be worked in the style of a sampler. There will be some repetition in the rounds but lots of different technique and stitches will also be incorporated.

The CAL will be launched on Tuesday 5th Feb, installments will then be released weekly on every Tuesday for the following 15 weeks with the final installment being released on 21st May (my birthday!!) I have decided to take it slowly because I would like it to be a realistic project for everybody who is joining and also so that we can reflect the progress of Spring as we work. I’m really looking forward to getting out for lots of walks and being inspired by the changes in nature that Spring brings.

I will host a Facebook live on the Friday evening each week to demonstrate stitches and talk about our progress, so if you have any questions you can message me during the week and I will address them on the Friday. You can also ask keep up to date and ask questions on my Facebook group: The Re-made by Sam Crochet Hotline. I can’t wait to see your progress so please do feel free to share, share, share!!

I love the way that crochet brings people together so more than anything I would like this to be a project that we can share, chat about and compare!

My first Facebook live will be this Friday 11th January at 7.30pm so comment below or message me beforehand with any questions you have and I’ll discuss them then.

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  1. Karin Springall

    I am in Winchester on Friday but if I am home in time I would like to join in

    • sam

      That’s great! This Friday will just be me chatting about what it involves so don’t worry if you miss it, you’ll still be able to join the CAL. I’ll save the live chat to my timeline too so you can always catch up later. Have fun in Winchester!!

  2. Pip Jones

    Hi Sam, I’ve now worked out what a CAL is!!!
    I love your colours and blanket, its beautiful. Not sure I can commit to every Friday evening, so how do we catch up or join in if we miss one?

    • sam

      Hi Pip, each installment will be available on my website so you can catch up or join in at any time!

  3. Sheena

    Hi Sam, loved the first video. Really looking forward to taking part in the CAL. What time will it be on Tuesdays? Thanks

  4. janet

    A box came up where it says that i can subscribe to your web site i did that but the box just wobbled and that was it so i don’t know if i have been subscribed to your web page or not

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry for my earlier question Sam. Just read your details again and realised that you release the pattern on the Tuesdays and the live video is on the Fridays. Looking forward to taking part in my first CAL! x

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