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Meet Hug Me Bear. He is a very special bear. When I was growing up he sat on the spare bed in my Nana’s house and me and my brother and sister used to love going to see him when we visited. Nowadays he lives at my Mum’s house. He was her bear when she was little and is called ‘hug me’ because that’s what it said on his label when she got him. He has come to stay with me temporarily because he is going to give me moral support on a very important job.

This week I will be doing my first ever Re-made by Sam children’s party. I love teaching my grown up crochet groups and have been wondering recently about extending this to children, maybe as an after school club. So when a lovely regular customer asked me to help out with her daughter’s 7th birthday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

As it’s a first for me I am feeling quite nervous about it. My crochet group were shocked this morning when I told them that I am actually a shy person- it’s true! At school I was painfully shy, but as an adult I have managed to overcome this by pushing myself into difficult situations (and I credit teaching training with building my confidence – it’s impossible to maintain shyness in front of a class of 30 children!) As I’ve got older I’ve also become less self conscious which definitely helps.

One of the strategies I use to overcome my nerves these days is to make sure that I have done as much preparation and planning as possible (hmmm this is making me think about my last blog post about my biggest boy!) So I have given it lots of thought and enrolled my own eager 7 year old daughter to help me try out some designs.


I am so pleased that Hug Me is coming to help, I have made him a badge and a scarf and I am hoping that the children will enjoy meeting him. I am also hoping that he will help me to teach them that old is beautiful! I will be using my vintage fabrics and buttons in the projects that the children are making and I’d like them to go away with the thought that we don’t always have to buy new – old things can be interesting, fun, useful and beautiful. And of course more than anything I want them to have a fabulous time and to take away something lovely that they have made and feel proud of. So cross your fingers for me, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Sam x


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