New Year, New Project! (introducing the herringbone half treble..)

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I’m a big fan of new year resolutions. I love the opportunity to set new challenges and start afresh, I don’t always see them through but it’s fun to give it a go… This year I have several personal resolutions in mind: eating healthily, getting back to Jazzercise and finding a bit more time for me (somehow!) among them.

As the Christmas break came to an end I had a little sort out of my craft collection which had managed to spread itself across the living room. I emptied out a cupboard of children’s toys (now piled in a corner of a bedroom waiting to be rehomed!) and arranged all my crochet books, hooks and some yarn on the shelves- doesn’t it look pretty?! In the process I rediscovered some of my lovely vintage crochet stitch books which put a little project in mind…



I could use these pattern books to make a sampler blanket of squares of different crochet stitches!

Hopefully this will be a fun way to build up my repertoire of stitches as well as producing a gorgeous project. I’ve been thinking about a patchwork style crochet blanket for a while now and hopefully this should be effective in the use of texture.

I was wondering if some of  you lovely crochet enthusiasts might like to join me? I’ll aim to make one or two squares per week and will update the blog every week with a pattern for each square. It’ll be a bit of a work in progress and might need some tweaking as we go along but it’ll be fun to try something new! I think the most challenging thing will be keeping the squares equal in size. For this reason I’ve decided to start with a foundation chain of 24 (+the additional stitches needed for the turning chain). Looking through the books it seems as though lots of the stitches begin with a foundation chain which is a multiple of 2, 6 or 8 so bare this in mind if you decide to make your saures bigger or smaller.

So if you’d like to join me grab some DK yarn and a 4mm hook and take a look at our first square:

Introducing…  the herringbone half treble!



This pattern is taken from ‘The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches’ (1986 Lyric Books Ltd) and uses UK terms.

Herringbone Half Treble

For this stitch you can use any number of chains (add 1 for the base chain)

I started with a foundation chain of 25 (24+1)

First I’ll talk you through how to make the herringbone half treble(HBhtr), then I’ll give you the instructions for the rows:

Put yarn over, insert hook through stitch, put yarn over, pull back through stitch and straight through the first loop on the hook so that you have two loops left, yo pull through these last two loops. The part in bold is the main difference between this and a standard htr.

yarn over, hook through stitch ready to grab yarn as for a normal htr


pull yarn back through stitch and straight through the first loop on the hook so that there are two loops left, now put yarn over and go through these two
pull yarn back through stitch and straight through the first loop on the hook so that there are two loops left, now put yarn over and go through these two

So to use this to make your square:

Make a foundation chain of 25 (24+1)

Row 1- miss 2ch (counts as 1htr), 1 HBhtr into next chain and each chain to the end

Row 2- ch 2 (counts as 1htr), turn, miss 1 stitch and make 1 HBhtr into every stitch along including top of turning chain

Repeat row 2 until you have 19 rows. My work measures 14 cm x 14 cm at this point

For people who like a picture chart here’s a pic from the book:



And here’s a close up of my first square:


I really enjoyed this stitch, it’s got such lovely texture to it. I hope you enjoy it too! Please do send me your pics on my fb page if you make one! Link here- Re-made by Sam

Have fun!

Sam x


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