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Today I find myself with a whole day home alone, the children are all at school, my lovely mum-in-law is collecting little girl from nursery and I have no other commitments. So it is with great pleasure that I have decided that my Friday treat will be to spend the whole day sewing!

Normally when I get the sewing machine out I have a strict itinerary of jobs that need doing, but today I have decided to dawdle. I have no particular direction to go in, just a vague idea that I need to make things for upcoming fairs. So far I have contemplated making bags, cushions and lavender hearts.

I am very lucky that people think of me when they come across vintage fabric and I am passed on lots of lovely pieces. Before Christmas several people gave me bags of linens and fabrics to use for the business but I haven’t yet been able to find time to go through them all properly. So this morning while hubby took the children to school I started by going through all of the gorgeous fabric that I have been given recently. Here’s a little sample:


I love all of these for different reasons, the bottom one reminds me of some curtains that my best friend’s parents had in their house when we were growing up!

I have also received some beautiful embroidered linen tablecloths. Here is my favourite, it has the feel of a sampler as each of the squares has a different picture:


It seems a shame to cut it up but I can think of so many gorgeous uses for each of the squares- feature squares on cushions, pockets on bags, lavender cushions. Here’s some close ups:




One of the things that really appeals to me about hand embroidered linen is the thought of the hours of time and energy that someone has put into them in the past. The patience and skill it must have taken to create these is amazing. People don’t seem to use them for their tables anymore (is it just me?) so I like to think that by making a different use for the linen I am paying tribute to all that work that has been put into it!

Do you have a favourite from the squares I have shown? These are mine:




Right I’d better get to work, just need to decide what to make first! Suggestions welcomed!

I hope you’re having a lovely Friday- remember to take time out to give yourself a well earned treat today!

Sam x



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  1. Bev

    It’s amazing to think of the time people have spent hand embroidering those table cloths. I can’t think of a nice use for them but they need to be seen!

  2. hannah

    Love the old linene! Beautiful to give all that hard work a new lease of life.

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