poorliness, sunshine and a spring wreath craft workshop to look forward to!

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Spring wreath craft workshop Hertfordshire

Our little household has been struck by a virus this week. Of course with four children we frequently find ourselves measuring out the calpol but this week we have been taken by surprise as both me and my husband have caught it too- at the same time!! This creates an interesting and somewhat tense dynamic with us both hobbling around in the morning, bumping into each other and snapping at everybody while trying to get the well children ready for school. ‘How are you feeling this morning darling?’ we ask through gritted teeth while inwardly muttering to ourselves ‘not as bad as me I’m sure…’ To be fair this is probably just me as my hubby has valiantly done all the school runs so far this week, fed me nurofen and insisted on dragging himself into work today while I’ve mainly moped around and done a bit of crochet.  I don’t normally get ill, I seem to have built up a fairly impressive immune system after years of teaching, child minding and bringing up my own children, so all in all have felt a bit frustrated this week by my inability to…. get…anything….done (oh so much catching up to do next week). And many apologies to the people whose crochet lessons I’ve had to cancel, I’ve really missed you all this week.

Anyway, enough complaining. On a positive note, today I’m feeling a bit better: I’m out of bed, dressed and thinking about Spring (how can I not be- it’s a glorious day out there!) Being a bit physically poorly does make me reflect on how lucky we are generally to be a healthy family. I have talked before about my struggle with anxiety and hinted at the PND I experienced when having my youngest two children (a story for another, braver, day) so I am a great believer in also valuing my mental health and every day feel thankful to feel well again.

One of the main things that helps me to keep mentally well is my crafting. Since having my children crafting has become a valuable and essential part of my daily routine. I treasure the opportunity to concentrate on something that’s just for me, and creating something gorgeous gives me such fulfillment. Plus crafting can be very sociable- there’s a whole community of crafters out there waiting to welcome me and you and to share in the joy of making things!!

There are lots of articles around right now about this, here’s a few links in case you’re interested in reading more:



Over the last year the teaching side of my business has really grown. I now teach one to one and group crochet lessons and workshops as well as some other craft workshops. I am so lucky to have the help of the lovely Claire, and we spend many a happy hour discussing ways we can ensure that our workshops are fun and relaxing. It is very important to us that the people who attend our workshops feel like they have treated themselves… to an enjoyable, relaxing, indulgent morning of creating, chatter, cake and good company.

On this note may I invite you to join us on our Spring wreath craft workshop?! These really are so simple yet fun to make! Before Christmas we ran three workshops making the same style of wreath with a Christmas theme and every single one was beautiful. All of the people who attended commented on what an enjoyable day they’d had and how relaxed they felt on leaving:

‘Thank you for a very enjoyable and therapeutic morning making my lovely Christmas Rag Wreath which is already hanging on my Living Room Door .Thank you also for the company of some lovely ladies’ (see my facebook page for the original post).


Wreath craft workshop hertfordshire


I have made myself two wreaths as ‘research’!! And I love both of them. One is pink and girly, decorated with butterflies, and will probably end up in the girls’ bedroom:

rag wreath Re-made by Sam

The other is made from a lovely retro tablecloth that I was given and reflects my vintage tastes! It will probably end up on my front door on on my dresser.

rag wreath www.re-madebysam.com

At the workshops we will have a wide range of fabrics available in all kinds of beautiful Spring colours (I also ask colour preferences on booking so if you have a particular colour in mind make sure you let me know.) We had great fun playing with textures at the Christmas one- chiffon and organza were very popular. I think for Spring I will look into hessian as well. We will also have a variety of decorations to choose from to adorn your wreaths, for example butterflies, feathers and berries (toadstools were popular at previous workshops!)

If you would like to see some of the Christmas wreaths that were made you can read my blog post about the workshops here.

We always provide tea and cake at the workshops from the Curiositea Tea rooms which neighbours the room where we hold the workshop and they get excellent reviews. Some of our regular attendees are working their way through the cake menu, and others have favourites that they choose every time!!

If you would like to book a place on one of my wreath workshops at the end of April you can email me at sam@re-madebysam.com or phone 07958423433. At the moment I have two spaces available on the Saturday and a few available on the Friday.

Hope to see some of you there!

Sam x


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