Crochet Along Christmas Wreath


Christmas Wreath Crochet Along

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Join the Christmas wreath crochet along!!

This CAL will take place over 8 weeks, starting on Monday 4th November. One pattern will be released every week until Dec 16th (2 patterns will be released on this week so that you have plenty of time to finish the wreath before christmas, or you may choose to wait until the 23rd to open it!).

When you purchase the CAL you will receive an email receipt containing a password which will enable you to access the website. The first pattern will be released in blog form on Monday 4th November at 9am. The blogs will include a link to a PDF version of the pattern as well as lots of photographs and videos to help you.

You will need a rattan wreath frame and DK yarn in christmassy colours.

Please note that there are a limited number of kits also available to buy.