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I have always loved collecting vintage china. We live in a small house and it is jam packed full of my collections of jugs, cake stands, vases, candlesticks and of course teacups! I love the shapes, the colours and the textures. When I have a new acquisition I find a special place for it on a shelf or windowsill then admire it every time I walk past. A little glance at one of my collections brings me a sense of peace. Sometimes when I have had a really busy day I make myself a cup of tea and sit and look at my pretty things and suddenly everything seems better…


In the last few years I have got a lot of pleasure out of remaking my beautiful china into scented candles. I fill teacups, milk jugs, sugar bowls and vintage glasses with eco soy wax. Soy wax is a natural, non toxic product with a low burning temperature, so it burns really nicely. The best part is because it is nontoxic the containers can be washed out with soapy water and used again once the wax has burned away.

So now when the children have all gone to bed and it’s finally ‘me time’ I can light a candle, get out my crochet or sewing and enjoy the flickering candlelight glowing through the china or glass. And relax…..


If you would like to treat yourself or someone in your life to one of my vintage container candles you can contact me by email or through my facebook page. Prices range from £5- £15. I also offer a refill service.

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  1. Rosie

    The candles are beautiful – just burnt out the last of my lovely tea cup! X

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