Sherrie enjoying a Re-made by Sam workshop


“Learning to crochet with Sam is like being taught by your most favourite teacher but also your friend. She is incredibly talented, kind and fun and somehow always finds a way to run workshops and lessons so that no-one is either left behind or wanting to go more quickly. After the first workshop with Sam I felt I could truthfully say ‘I can crochet’ and she made it all seem very easy. What started out for me as an idea to learn a new skill at a single beginners workshop has become my new all-engrossing hobby… and has given me a lovely circle of friends”






“I went to Sam’s beginners class a year ago and haven’t stopped crocheting since!”





“Sam taught me how to crochet after some surgery that made knitting too physical. I didn’t think she would manage it, my Gran had tried for years when I was a little girl but her endless patience and enthusiasm, smile and praise (for even the most dodgy creations that I still keep with pride) won through. I love the classes, welcomed by Sam and her team with smiles, tea, coffee and of course cake, we learn, laugh and come away with something fabulous. Through Sam and her classes I have a wonderful group of friends and lots of blankets, cushions, cuddly toys, flowers and a project list a long as my arm (let’s not talk about yarn stashes!). We’ve made Poppies for remembrance, knitted knockers for breast cancer sufferers, birds to fly to Australia and next something for premature babies. Sam has a gift that she shares and we love, we keep each other sane, I don’t know what I would have done without my hooking crew.”

Kim enjoying a crochet classKim

“I was envious of those that could crochet, until one day I came across a beginner course being run by Sam. I booked my self on and have not looked back, Following the 1/2 day workshop I booked a 6 week beginner course.Then more workshops! I can thoroughly recommend Sam’s sessions whether it be a 1;2:1 or a small group. Sam tailors the session to the needs of the student and provides demonstrations of various stitches to help continuous improvement and the ability to read patterns. Sam is incredibly patient, talented and knowledgeable as well as a truly lovely lady”.


Ana enjoying crochetAna

“Sam you are a crochet guru, there is no question, pattern or project that you can’t help with, you have the patience of a saint and are always so encouraging, I wouldn’t have dreamed of making the doughnut without the skills you taught me.  Thank you.”