Snuggly Crochet Wrap Scarf

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ribbed cowl


Before Christmas I published a hat pattern with a picture of a matching crochet wrap round scarf and promised that the pattern for the wrap scarf would follow. I had some lovely feedback about the hat pattern and heard from several people who made them as Christmas presents – a thought that really fills me with joy!

I’ve enjoyed wearing my hat and wrap over the last few weeks, they are warm and cosy and I love the way the wrap fastens around my neck snuggly and my coat sits nicely on top.

So I’ve finally found some time to sit down and write the pattern. It’s really quite simple- you basically work in alternating rows of front loop half trebles and back loop half trebles. This creates a lovely ribbed texture and gives the wrap a super chunky look. When you have a decent size rectangle you add two buttons and it’s ready to wear!


You will need:

2 balls super chunky yarn  (approx 160m) I used Drops Andes which you can buy online from woolwarehouse, it’s a wool/alpaca mix and has a lovely soft feel.

9mm hook

2 buttons

Stitches you will use:

NB the pattern is written in UK crochet terms

Half treble (htr) = yarn over hook (yoh), put hook through stitch, yoh, pull back through, you should now have 3 loops on your hook, yoh, pull through all 3 loops

Front loop half treble (flhtr) = yoh, put hook through front loop only of the previous stitch, yoh, pull back through, you now have 3 loops on your hook, yoh pull through all 3 loops on hook

Back loop half treble (blhtr) = yoh, put hook through back loop only of the previous stitch, yoh, pull back through, you now have 3 loops on your hook, yoh pull through all 3 loops on hook

row of ‘v’s

To find the right part of the stitch, turn the work so that you can see the top of the stitches. They should resemble a row of ‘v’s made of two strands of yarn, the one closest to you is the one we are referring to as the ‘front loop’, the one furthest away, at the back of the work, is referred to as the ‘back loop’.

making the first flhtr of row 2
making the first flhtr of row 2, into the front loop of the second stitch along

Begin with a chain of 70

Row 1    Make a htr into the second chain from the hook and every chain to the end (68 htr)

Row 2   Chain 2, make a flhtr into the second htr from the previous row and every stitch along, including the turning chain

Row 3   Chain 2, make a blhtr into the second flhtr of the previous row and every stitch along, including the turning chain

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until row 18

The alternating rows of flhtr and blhtr should create a nice stripy, ridged texture. You will be able to see fairly easily if you have gone wrong! You also have a very clear front and back side to your work, with the front being the textured side.


Your rectangle should now measure approx 85 cm x 30 cm, however you can add or subtract rows to make it a width you like.

Sew the buttons onto the top right of the rectangle as in the picture. IMG_6620

To put my wrap on I hold it with the buttons in my left hand and other end of the cowl in my right hand then put it over the back of my head so it lays across my shoulders. I then pull the right hand corner over and fasten it to the buttons, using the gaps between stitches as button holes. But I am sure you will find your own way to wear yours!!

not at all self conscious!!
not at all self conscious!!


Sam x

11 Responses

  1. debs daley

    Hi i love this scarf pattern 🙂 could you please tell me where i can find the hat pattern also im fairly new to crocheting do u have a pattern for boot tops to match or any tips on how id make some 🙂 ty soooo much for sharing your patterns 🙂 can’t wait to try these out x debs xx could you please send a link to the hat pattern to my email please

  2. Lynne

    Hi, love the cowl and am about to make one for myself! What hook would you recommend for double knit wool?



    • sam

      Hi Lynne, so glad you like it! Hook wise it depends how tight you would like it to be- a 5mm would give a looser finish whereas a 4mm would be tighter, Let me know how you get on!

  3. Bernadette

    Hi, i love the look of this pattern and would love to make this for myself. I love to work with chunky yarn and larger hooks so its perfect for me 😊
    You state that the pattern requires 2 balls of chunky, but not what gram size the balls would be, can you advise please? Xx

  4. Jackie

    Hi Sam! I’m so happy that I found this snuggly wrap scraf pattern as I’ve been searching for one to make and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! Also I’d love to have the hat pattern also as it makes a lovely trendy combo! I like the idea of the boot topers too and have you made them yet? If so would you mind sharing that pattern also??
    Thanks so much!

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