Star Crochet Pattern

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          Jingle Star Crochet Pattern


I designed this star to go on top of my crochet Christmas tree so made it small with dk and a 3mm hook but it’s a very versatile pattern and can be made with any size of yarn and hook. It’s a bit fiddly for the first round as you’re making puff stitches into a magic ring, but it’s well worth persevering as the puffs look so beautiful! If you find a magic ring too tricky then you can try starting with a ch 4 and slip stitching into the first chain to make a ring, this would work just as well!

The pattern is written in UK crochet terms.


Small amount of yarn (I used James C Brett Twinkle DK)

Appropriate hook size (I used a 3mm)

Optional- bells

For the puff stitch– yoh, insert through magic ring, pull yarn back through, repeat from * to ** twice more so that you have 7 loops on your hook, yoh pull through all 7 loops

Optional- thread bells onto your yarn first to add jingles to your star! I used one bell and pulled it up through the magic ring


Make a magic ring (make a loop of yarn, put your thumb where the loop crosses to secure it, put hook through the loop and pull one loop of yarn through from ball end of yarn, make one chain to secure)

Round 1                * puff stitch, 1 ch** repeat 4 more times, join with sl st to top of puff stitch (5 puff stitches with 1 ch between each)

Round 2                2 ch, 2 htr into top of same puff stitch, then make 1 ch, 3 htr all into same stitch, *3htr, 1 ch, 3 htr**  into top of next puff stitch. Repeat from * to ** 3 more times. Sl st to top of 2 ch.

Round 3                ch 1, then into next 1ch space make 1 htr, 2 tr, picot (ch 2 then sl st into 1st chain),  2 tr, 1 htr, then 1 ch and sl st into 3rd htr from previous round, * make 1 ch, then into next 1 ch space make 1 htr, 2 tr, picot (ch 2 then sl st through the first chain), 2 tr, 1 htr, then 1 ch and sl st into 3rd htr from previous round**. Repeat from * to ** 3 more times and join with sl st to base of initial ch1.

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