Tea & Cake, Lovely Company, and Learning a New Skill

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Guest Blog Post

Have you been thinking about signing up for one of my classes but are unsure what to expect?  Bev Loczy came to my crochet bunting workshop in April and has very kindly written a guest blog post about her day- a very useful insight into the Re-made experience from the perspective of a class attendee! Thank you Bev! Happy reading everybody and hope to see you at one of my classes soon!

Over to Bev…

I am not an expert crocheter, by any means.  I learnt to crochet a few years ago and occasionally pick a hook up (mostly to continue a blanket that, at the time of writing, I’ve been working on for 18 months), but I’m definitely no expert.  Sam’s adverts kept popping up on my Facebook timeline, tempting me to sign up, and so I found myself registered for a crochet bunting workshop.

It took place in Ivinghoe Old School Hub, which I had heard about (the villagers came together to save it when the local Council wanted to knock it down and it’s now maintained by volunteers) but never visited before.  It was incredibly easy to find, and parking was very straightforward.  So far, so good.

I was welcomed by Sam and Claire (her glamorous assistant) as soon as I walked through the door.  The room was light and sunny, set up with a table in the centre and lovely colourful yarn and crocheted items everywhere.   A couple more ladies arrived and once we were all settled Sam explained what the workshop would entail, and gave us a choice of different bunting flags that we could make.  We then all introduced ourselves as Claire took our orders for a hot drink and cake.  This deserves special mention, as Claire described each cake option in detail and everyone was licking their lips in anticipation by the time she’d finished.

Once we had put in our orders we were faced with another decision… what colours to pick for our bunting?  At the side of the room Sam had laid out baskets of small balls of yarn, each measured out precisely to make our bunting flags with.  Everyone else seemed to pick really quickly but I was there for ages!  Blues… greens… yellows… it was a beautiful rainbow and I was so indecisive.

crochet workshop balls of yarn remade by sam
A rainbow of yarn – which colours to choose?

I eventually made my choice and sat back down.  Sam started us off with a pattern, and disaster struck.  My mind went completely blank.  I looked at the yarn.  I looked at the hook.  I felt as though I’d never crocheted in my life!  Sam noticed that I was dithering and came to sit by my side.  She patiently reminded me how to get started, and talked me through the stitches until I felt confident enough to carry on.

The tea and cake arrived, and the cake was everything I hoped for and more.  A great big slice of delicious, moist, lime and zucchini cake with a yummy frosting.  Others had equally tasty-looking treats.  Around the table everyone was happily chatting as they crocheted – we were a mixed group of different ages but there was no difficulty finding topics of conversation.   Sam and Claire were gently helping us if we got a bit stuck, and doing their own crochet and joining in the chat when they could.

cake at re-made by sam crochet workshop
The Cake!

Having successfully completed the first, basic flag, I was feeling a bit cocky and decided to have a go at the more tricky daisy design that some of the others were doing.  Let’s just say that this was a real test of my rusty crochet skills!  But Sam expertly guided me through it.  She’s clearly an experienced teacher as well as a talented crafter – not once did she sigh or tut or roll her eyes as I asked for the umpteenth time ‘where do I put the hook again?’.  By the end of the session I had not only finished the daisy, but made the flag around it.  I was so pleased with myself!  And we got to take home the rest of the yarn needed to finish our bunting, along with our very own crochet hook, all in a gorgeous chiffon bag.

I really recommend taking part in one of Sam’s workshops (if you can’t crochet she does a beginners course, and there are also some non-crochet crafty classes too).  Every detail was covered: lovely company, delicious cake, and all the materials you need for your project.  I’ll be back for more!

rochet bunting made at re-made by sam workshop
I’m so proud!


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  1. Ana

    I absolutely love Sam’s workshops and teaching style. She is always so patient, kind and so knowledgeable about all things crochet. I would recommend Sam’s workshops to anyone wanting to learn a new skill that helps to relieve stress and make new friends. Sam you’ve been a life saver xx

    • sam

      Thanks Ana, what a lovely review! I’m so happy to hear how much you enjoy the classes 🙂 xxxx

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